About ZipDX


ZipDX is more than the average telephone conferencing service. In fact, we have moved audio collaboration into the next generation. Like you, we’ve dealt with all the frustrations and annoyances from traditional conferencing-service providers, because we thought we had to. You don’t have to settle.

ZipDX LLC was formed in 2007 to reinvent conferencing. We recognized that this application, which is used by almost every business professional, has hardly changed in two decades. Personally frustrated with the way legacy conferencing systems worked, we decided to fix that, by offering a service that integrated with the Web, took full advantage of E-mail and electronic calendars, and leveraged the latest in telephone devices and modern communications networks.

ZipDX markets its services through a set of global partners. We operate data centers in Los Angeles, Virginia (USA) and Hong Kong, and have telephone access points around the world. ZipDX LLC is private and self-funded.