Become a ZipDX Agent

ZipDX, an advanced audio collaboration service that solves problems common with traditional phone conferencing services and enhances the productivity of business conferences, is actively recruiting referral partners and agents.

The carrier-grade ZipDX platform and outstanding voice quality help you to improve your customer satisfaction and build new revenue streams. If you sell conference phones, like Polycom, PBX systems, or other conference services, then you may be a good match with ZipDX.

Agent Benefits

ZipDX enables you to grow your revenue potential by leveraging premium audio- conferencing services while meeting the business communication needs of your customers. Our Reseller program provides the tools and support necessary to sell conferencing solutions successfully.

Our specially designed agent package includes:

    • ZipDX advanced platform leveraging the potential of HDVoice
    • ZipDX demonstration and evaluation access kit
    • Easy sales and product training guide
    • Competitive pricing to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises
    • No monthly sales minimums or quotas
    • No program fee or any financial investments required
    • Simple referral model and significant commissions
    • Potential to earn referral fees of up to 25 percent

Leverage Wideband Audio

ZipDX® conferencing service is the first service designed from the ground up to work with the full suite of Polycom HD Voice™ products. ZipDX has partnered with Polycom to leverage the power of HDVoice and wideband audio, allowing you to provide your customers with the world’s most engaging conferencing experience with audio quality that makes users feel they’re all in the same room. ZipDX works with wideband-capable phones from other manufacturers, too.

The benefits of wideband audio matter the most in critical, collaborative applications like teleconferencing:

    • Improve comprehension and productivity by providing natural, conversations with an authentic sound quality
    • Experience all the nuances of speech and audio sources remotely, with the widest acoustical range
    • Know who is speaking with the clear separation of multiple voices and a sense of spatial presence
    • Capture every sound in the room without huddling around a microphone and hear from any location in the room
    • Twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls for vibrant conversations
    • Hear every word without repeating

Join Our Team

Are you interested in signing up to be a ZipDX agent? If you are already a Polycom reseller, we’re probably a good match.

Once you’re enrolled in the ZipDX Partner/Agent Program, you can register your customers by entering their E-mail addresses at the Web site. After a customer signs up with ZipDX, you can track their usage, and your earnings, online via a password-protected portal.

Payments to you are made via direct deposit within 30 days of receipt of end-user funds. Full terms and conditions are covered in the ZipDX Referral Partner Agreement.

Our pricing is designed to deliver the best value to customers with serious audio collaboration requirements demanding the finest conferencing experience, and eager to escape the frustration of other providers. We are not the cheapest service; we are the most feature-driven and will provide more value for the money.

ZipDX partners get access to a comprehensive Marketing Kit, which includes the best tools around for demo-ing HD Voice and the other unique attributes of the Polycom audio family. We’re anxious to get to know you, and to learn how we can better meet your needs.

Contact us at: or 888-ZipDX-55.