Terms of Use

ZipDX is intended to facilitate professional, civil communication. When you access the ZipDX Web site, connect via telephone or Voice-over-IP to ZipDX, or use other ZipDX tools and products, you agree to the following:

1) You will not represent yourself to be someone other than who you are.

2) You will not represent your affiliation to be other than what it is.

3) You will use your own name when registering on the ZipDX web site and when recording your identity for conference call announcements.

4) You will not do anything to intentionally disrupt or interfere with a ZipDX conference, including interfering with the ability of other organizers and participants to enjoy the service.

5) You will not attempt to manipulate E-mail addresses or content, Caller-ID information, or other telephone or VoIP call data, in order to defeat security, identification, billing or any other operational aspects of the ZipDX system.

6) You will not use any aspect of the system to annoy or harass others.

7) You will use only accounts for which you are expressly authorized, and you will use the service only for the purpose(s) and in the manner authorized by the account owner.

8) You will only configure ZipDX to place a call to a participant if you have that participant’s explicit and current permission to do so.

9) You will only add a telephone number to a ZipDX profile if that number is assigned to you, or if you have the assignee’s explicit permission to do so. If subsequently that permission is revoked or the number is reassigned, you will promptly remove the number from the profile.

If you fail to comply with these terms, we may prevent you and/or your organization from accessing the ZipDX system (including participating in ZipDX conferences). We may also seek other remedies for any actual damages.

When you establish or use a ZipDX account, you agree:

A) To maintain the list of individuals authorized to use the account, including promptly removing anyone no longer authorized.

B) To insure that you and your authorized users protect PINs and any other ZipDX credentials from improper disclosure.

C) To be responsible for all ZipDX charges incurred by you or by people you have authorized.

D) To notify us immediately of any improper use of your credentials or account(s).

E) That charges incurred by you and those authorized by you are owed and collectible when they are incurred.

F) That charges are DUE when we invoice for them (typically on a monthly billing cycle, but we reserve the right to modify the billing interval at any time, in our sole discretion, and to bill more frequently based on usage, change in usage, or any other factor).

G) If paying by credit card: 1) That charges become OVERDUE if we are unable to process a charge to your card. 2) To keep a valid, unexpired credit card on file with sufficient credit available to handle your call charges. 3) That if we are unable to process a charge to your credit card, you will remain liable for any past and future charges to your ZipDX account.

H) If paying by check: That charges become OVERDUE if payment is not received prior to the next billing cycle.

I) If pre-paying your account, or using “free minutes” credits: That your account may be SUSPENDED by us if your credit balance is exhausted and you have not made arrangements for some other form of payment.

J) If post-paying your account (by credit card or check): That your account may be SUSPENDED by us if your balance owed meets or exceeds the BALANCE LIMIT that we have established for your account.

K) If your account is OVERDUE or SUSPENDED, that we may make announcements to that effect over the telephone or via the Internet when you or others attempt to initiate or join a ZipDX conference call linked to your account.

L) That “free minutes” credits are not refundable for cash, are not transferable, and are cancelable at our discretion after 30 days or earlier if so stated in the terms of the offer.

M) That refunds are only available if you contact us within 24 hours of the conclusion of the affected meeting, providing us with meeting date, time, participants (phone numbers) involved, and a description of the problem you encountered. Refund will not exceed the total charge associated with the meeting.

N) That if your account is OVERDUE, it is subject to SUSPENSION (meetings blocked), but that at our discretion we may allow meetings to take place even if the account is overdue, and we may impose a “service continuity fee” equal to 25% of the overdue balance or $50, whichever is greater, for each 15 days for which service is continued despite the account being overdue.

O) ZipDX is a Utah Limited Liability Company, governed exclusively by the laws of the United States of America and the State of Utah.

Revised 2 April 2021