Disaster Preparedness

How will your organization respond when disaster strikes?

Unfortunate things happen to great organizations literally every day.  Are you able to quickly and efficiently bring your best and brightest to address the matter, regardless of their location?

A network with global reach, ZipDX has communications tools purpose-built to ensure that your crisis response team is engaged on a moment’s notice.

The Crisis Response Toolset

Whether the threat is slow-moving like a tropical storm, or as immediate as a chemical spill, ZipDX has the communications tools to help you quickly and efficiently address any crisis.

  • A personal profile for each member of your team ensures that ZipDX knows exactly how to reach them.
  • Conference Templates provide region or topic-specific crisis response groups.
  • On-demand Dial-out to a crisis team, quickly gathers your selected response group, no matter where they are.
  • Automatic, scheduled test calls verify that your crisis response arrangement is always at the ready.

Once the team is assembled a wealth of in-call features help you communicate effectively until the crisis has past.

  • The Conference Dashboard provides visibility of the assembled team.
  • Breakout Rooms allow the response team to split in to smaller, private discussion groups.
  • Host Dial-Out lets you reach out to bring additional participants into the conversation at will.
  • Collaborate visually using our browser-based WebShare capability.


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Here are just a few examples of organizations that have tapped ZipDX to be part of their disaster response strategy:

A Global Hotel Chain


  • has locations all around the globe.
  • Their pool of talent includes subject experts on almost every continent.
  • Contact details for executives and key staff members are load into ZipDX.
  • A selection of predefined conferences have been created, each assembling the executive team and a group of subject experts.
  • Launching a conference automatically gathers a distributed task force to address the event at hand.
  • Breakout rooms allow the group to split into smaller, task-based teams when required.

A Regional Chain of Auto Dealerships


  • Has locations across the southern US.
  • Faces a range of potential interruptions to business, including hurricanes & flooding.
  • Assembled an enterprise-wide Continuity Management Team.
  • Needs a reliable, productive way to coordinate crisis reaction & response

A Chemical Company


  • US-based, with manufacturing facilities across North America & Asia.
  • Needs to be able to quickly assemble specialty crisis response teams in each region.
  • Needs documented proof of due diligence in setting up a practical, functioning crisis response process.


“We routinely conduct conference calls with business leaders. We count on ZipDX to deliver high-quality audio connections at a reasonable cost, whether for just a handful of participants or more than a hundred.” – Jon Spector, CEO, The Conference Board


In all of these examples a distributed organization needs a solution to quickly and reliably bring their best human assets to bear against unplanned events.

The ZipDX network provides cost-effective, global reach, while providing tools to implement a disaster preparedness strategy structure tailored for your business. Instantly assemble crisis response from a few key executives to dozens of specialists located around the globe.


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