How It Works

ZipDX is the next-generation conferencing service that is easy to use and removes the frustrations most people experience with traditional conferencing services. We built ZipDX to fit the way you work, not the other way around. Welcome to Conferencing 2.0.

Follow these steps to make conferencing quick, easy and reliable.

Quick Start Guide
1 Complete the simple, one-time ZipDX online registration. You’ll need an account to host a ZipDX conference, but an account is not required if you are a participant.

2 Use your preferred calendar system (such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar) to schedule your conference and provide ZipDX with your guests’ E-mail addresses. Include as one of your call participants, which automatically alerts ZipDX to your meeting details and participants.

3 ZipDX will generate an E-mail confirmation for you, as well as an E-mail to each invited participant. Each participant should complete his or her own brief registration to select a PIN and establish an online profile.

4 When it’s time for the conference, there are 3 possible options that the host and each participant can choose for themselves:

    1. If you’ve registered and enabled the ZipDX ‘Call-Me’ feature, ZipDX will dial out to you. Answer the phone, press 1, and you’re done. If you don’t accept the call, ZipDX will wait 3 minutes and try once more. This feature is the popular favorite!
    2. Otherwise, dial 1-888-ZIPDX-88 (1-888-947-3988). If you’ve registered the phone number from which you’re calling, ZipDX will recognize you and place you into the ‘virtual’ meeting room. No confusing codes required!
    3. If ZipDX doesn’t recognize the phone number, it will ask for your PIN. You can select a PIN when completing your online profile.

The first time you join a ZipDX conference, you’ll be asked to record your name. This recording is saved for all subsequent calls.


The ZipDX online registration is quick, easy and free. Our system works best if it knows your name, E-mail address and phone number(s). To ensure user security, we connect your profile with your E-mail address. You can link multiple E-mail addresses to a single user profile, but each participant is responsible for managing his or her own profile and phone numbers.

Through our secure system, you can enter up to five telephone numbers that ZipDX will use if you enable the ‘call me’ feature or to recognize you when you call in. You will also create a PIN. Pick a seven-digit number that’s easy to remember.

There’s no cost to register, but we do need a credit card before you can host a call and invite others. ZipDX won’t use the phone numbers or E-mail addresses you register for any purpose other than ZipDX conferencing.


There’s no cost to register with ZipDX. However, a conference ORGANIZER or host will need an account that requires a credit card on file. If your company already has an account with us, just ask your Account Administrator to add you as an authorized user and start hosting your own calls. Or request your new account now.

Authorized users can easily access account information online, including monitoring monthly billing, categorizing by department and more.

Customer Portal

ZipDX’s user-friendly system is Internet-based. From the ZipDX Customer Portal, you can set up your profile, schedule calls, view upcoming and historical conference call data, and manage your Conference Templates.

Conference Templates open up a world of call-management features. For example, as an organizer, you can decide if each person joining a call will be introduced with name announcements, chimes or nothing; decide whether participants can join the conference before the host arrives; and set the amount of time a conference can continue after the host leaves.

Organizers can set up multiple Conference Templates (one for the staff meeting, another for the project review, etc.). You can assign a specific Conference Code to a template, so participants of that particular call can join even without being invited by E-mail address and selecting a PIN.

Plus, you can launch “spontaneous” (unplanned and unscheduled) phone conferences just by calling in and entering a Conference Code.

Scheduling A Conference

You have a couple of easy options to schedule a ZipDX teleconference.

1 Log in at Next, simply select “create a conference.” Pick the date and time, enter the participants’ E-mail addresses, and set the conference options to your liking.

2 Alternatively, use your online calendaring tool (such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google, Zimbra or other). Invite people to your meeting as you normally would, but include as a participant. When ZipDX receives your meeting invitation, it will automatically learn the date and time of the meeting, as well as the identities of all the participants.

In both scenarios, ZipDX will generate an email to all participants of your new teleconference. Those already members of ZipDX will receive a reminder E-mail containing their credentials. New participants will receive an email with a link to a URL from where they can complete the quick, easy and free registration process.


Every registered conference call participant can log into ZipDX and view the dashboard to see who is participating. You can even see who’s talking! The host can mute individual participants, or people can mute themselves. There’s a “dashboard” link next to your active conference(s) in the Customer Portal accessible via Virtually all of the control functions are available via point-and-click in the dashboard. (If desired, the host can block participants from accessing some or all of this functionality.)

Conference Controls

During each conference call, there are a number of telephone keypad controls for use by the host or participants. View this page online, or print it and keep it near the phone.

International Dial-in

Call participants in the US and Canada can dial ZipDX toll-free at 1-888-ZIPDX-88 (1-888-947-3988). Those outside North America can dial +1 408 884 1884, or check our list of regional and international numbers on our login page.


ZipDX has a recording feature so that you can share the call with others who were unable to join, use it as a training tool or simply to make sure you didn’t miss any pertinent information. Look for the recording controls in your conference template and conference- controls list. After the call, a digital .MP3 file will be available for you to listen, download or share when you log into


ZipDX has a full-suite of features to improve your conferencing experiences and help to increase the productivity of your calls. Read more about them here.