Online Controls: Dashboard & In-Conference Features

There are countless opportunities for inconvenient conference call interruptions. We’ve all experienced them. For example, a moderator or host trying to keep track of all the entry chimes has to continually ask, “who just joined?” A participant has his cell phone sitting on his desk and it rings and beeps every time he gets an email or text. Someone joins the team call while they’re waiting at an airport and the announcements come through the phone line drowning out the speaker.

The ZipDX online dashboard, accessible from any web browser, presents a continuously updated, real-time display of the conference status and provides a suite of controls to reduce annoying interruptions and make each call more productive. It allows for customization, real-time monitoring, caller interaction and generates a conference summary. You can mute noisy participants, invite people to vote on a topic, raise a hand with a question or move participants to private rooms.

The host can also dial out to other people while the conference is in progress, instantly making them part of the meeting.


The host can control the parameters for all participants, while each individual can use the dashboard controls for themselves.

During the call, the host and participants can view the call dashboard online via any web browser; no software downloads are required. It is also possible to see the ZipDX dashboard right on the display of certain Polycom phones.

No need to ask, “who just joined?” You’ll see it all in front of you.

More details about using the online controls are available in our Reference Guide.