Real-Time Conference Transcription

zipdx-transcription-thinkpad-x1-carbon copyZipDX is the only Conference Service Provider with transcription “integrated” into the meeting. The conference is transcribed as it takes place.

This patented functionality (USPTO 8,370,142) is tremendously useful if you joined late or had to step away from the call. You can go on-line and see what you missed.

Of course, the transcription is also available immediately after the call has ended. Instead of taking notes during the call, participants can focus on the conversation, and then access the transcript afterwords. The conference organizer can share a link with those not able to attend so they can review what transpired.

A key feature is the ZipDX Transcription Viewer. Not only does the viewer show you who said what (based on the individual telephone connections), but you can click on the “Play” link next to each transcription segment and hear the original audio in the speaker’s own voice. Thus, the transcription becomes an “index” into the conference recording, making it much easier to find and replay sections of interest.

There are two types of transcription:

ZipDX Scribble uses fully automated speech-to-text technology. It typically lags the conference by about 30 seconds. You can watch it as the conference takes place, and review earlier discussion by scrolling backwards. Accuracy is as high as 80% on quality telephone connections with native speakers of American English (and Scribble tends to do better with males than females). Scribble is best if you are a participant in a conference and need to go back and review certain sections. Because there will be errors, you will want to use the “play” links to hear what was actually said.

ZipDX Scribe (two-pass) uses professional transcriptionists to correct errors in a meeting already processed by Scribble. The result is usually available in two to three business days (but the Scribble speech-to-text is available while you wait). Scribe is the tool to use if you want to publish a transcript for others to read. You can give them access to the ZipDX Transcription Viewer (with audio playback functionality), or you can get a “printable” version that can also be pasted into an email or document.

Scribble is priced at $0.165 per minute ($9.90 per hour). Scribe pricing varies according to volume; please write to for details. Pricing is subject to change.

Compare these to other conference transcription services:

  • Often cost $200-400 per hour
  • Are not available until several hours or several days after the conference end
  • Don’t offer reliable identification of individual speakers
  • Lack the instant-playback features of the ZipDX Transcription Viewer.

In fact, ZipDX Scribble produces a real-time, transcribed, indexed connection-by-connection recording of the meeting for less than what many conferencing services charge for recording alone!

If you need a polished transcript and don’t want to pay for ZipDX Scribe, you can do your own editing. Using the ZipDX Transcription Viewer, you can access the same tools used by our Scribe specialists.