Real-Time Conference Transcription

Many conference calls take the form of an interview. Investment advisors consult with subject matter experts. Pharmaceutical companies interview doctors. Legal teams conduct research by telephone. In all of these cases, the resulting conversation can be a high-value asset. Transcription enhances the value of that conversation by making it conveniently accessible to others in the organization.

Scribble: AI-powered Transcription

ZipDX was the first conference service to offer real-time transcription. Our patented process, which we call Scribble, leverages an AI-powered transcription engine acting on each participant separately. This ensures that participants are consistently identified and cleanly transcribed, even when participants talk at the same time.

The accuracy of automated transcription is impressive. Given good quality telephone connections, the transcription is startlingly accurate.

The transcription process runs in real-time, with results available via our web portal, only seconds delayed from the live conversation. Using only a link from the meeting organizer, someone arriving late, or who had to step away, can scroll back to catch-up on the discussion that they missed.

Of course, the transcription is also available immediately after the call has ended. Instead of taking notes during the call, participants can focus on the conversation, and then access the transcript afterword. The conference organizer can share a link with those not able to attend, so they can review what transpired.

Transcript Viewer

A key feature is the ZipDX Transcription Viewer (pictured above.) Not only does the viewer show you who said what (based on the individual telephone connections), but you can click on the “Play” link next to each transcription segment and hear the original audio in the speaker’s own voice. Thus, the transcription becomes an “index” into the conference recording, making it much easier to find and replay sections of interest.

While the entire conference may be recorded, the transcript viewer also allows specific selections of the conference to be exported as one or more MP3 files. This makes it easy to extract only desired audio highlights.

Scribble is affordable, adding just $0.16/minute ($10/hour) regardless of how many participants are connected. It can be enabled when scheduling the conference, or on-the-fly using the web-based conference dashboard.

Scribe: Letter-Perfect Transcription

Scribe is our two-pass transcription process, addressing those exceptional cases where a letter-perfect transcript is required. It builds upon the Scribble automated transcription, adding a team of professional transcriptionists to correct and proof the transcript once the conference ends. The result is a publication-ready transcript delivered via email in around 72 hours.

Scribe adds $3.30/minute to the cost of the conference. It can be enabled when the conference is scheduled or on-the-fly in the conference dashboard.

If the conference organizer enables Scribble automated transcription, they can order Scribe after-the-fact.