Integrated WebSharing

When business travel is not an option and emailing large files is not ideal, web meetings are a productive and efficient way to make a client presentation, demonstrate an application, collaborate on a project and much more.

ZipDX’s WebSharing feature enables real-time screen sharing with top-quality telephone conferencing. All call participants can view the same thing at the same time, resulting in more productive conferences.

PowerPoint slide on Windows PC acting as WebShare presenter

As the host of a ZipDX call, you can invoke this easy-to-use feature to share your presentation, web site or whatever is on your screen with the other participants in your call. You can choose to share your entire screen or a single application window.

Designed for maximum compatibility and flexibility, ZipDX’s WebSharing is plug-in free, requiring only that the presenter be using Google’s Chrome web browser. The host can also invite any other participant using Chrome to present their screen if desired. Participants can view the presentation using any web browser, on any platform, even tablets and mobile phones.

A variety of devices acting as WebShare viewers

Consistent with the principles of our identity conferencing, the WebShare presentation is secure. To view the presentation all participants log into establishing an encrypted connection. The host can see a list of everyone viewing the presentation. When the conference call ends the WebSharing session is also closed. The call summary includes details of access to the WebShare.

Available at no extra charge, ZipDX WebSharing 2.0 is just another way that we’re working to improve the productivity of your conference calls.

More information about the WebShare feature is available in our FAQ and Online Reference Guide.