Wideband Audio

Wideband is a technology that supports enhanced telephone audio quality. ZipDX is a pioneer in wideband (also called HD or high-definition) conferencing. In fact, our system was designed from the ground up to take full advantage of wideband-enabled devices.

If you have newer VoIP telephone sets, you can enjoy wideband conferencing with ZipDX. Ours is the first service to support this capability in compliance with industry standards. ZipDX works with a wide variety of desktop telephones and tabletop speakerphones. See our Partners page for a partial listing.

What’s so VALUABLE and EXCITING about wide-band audio?
It delivers all these benefits, critical to productive conferencing:

  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Listeners more readily recognize voices, distinguish confusing sounds and understand accented speakers
  • Participants hear faint talkers and people moving around the room
  • Participants pay more attention to the call content and less time trying to hear what people are saying
  • The conference is accessible even from non-HDVoice lines.

Are you ready to experience wideband audio and crystal clear conferencing? Put ZipDX to the test. If you have challenging conferencing needs, ZipDX can provide advantages that no other service offers.

We’re confident you’ll notice immediate benefits from ZipDX’s advanced approach to audio collaboration.

Connecting to ZipDX in WIDEBAND requires some special set-up. The details vary depending on your particular VoIP configuration. Here are some options:

  • If you can do “URI Dialing” from your phone, connect to ZipDX with this URI: sip:5555555@login.zipdx.com, where you replace 5555555 with your ZipDX PIN. You can program this address as a “contact” or “speed-dial” in your phone so you’ll have easy access to it.
  • You can test URI dialing by connecting to sip:3366@zipdx.com. This will play a pre-recorded wideband demo; you can use the # key to switch back and forth between wide- and narrow-band audio. If ZipDX tells you when you call that you are connected in narrowband, it means that you have not enabled the G.722 codec in your phone.
  • If you have an IP-PBX, you can program it so that when a user dials 1-888-947-3988, the call will be routed to ZipDX using VoIP, instead of via the PSTN. Contact us for instructions for specific PBX’s.