Is ZipDX Right For You?

Is ZipDX Right For You?

The conference calling business is a long-established, mature industry. There are literally dozens of teleconference service providers, most of them largely undifferentiated.

ZipDX is different

At ZipDX we are passionate about helping people have a better conference calling experience. ZipDX provides innovative solutions to the challenges faced by real companies that need more from a conference service.

In the context of traditional conference calls, ZipDX has a patented scheme called “identity conferencing” that allows people to join meetings without using any codes; it links to electronic calendars and either calls out to invitees, or recognizes them by caller-ID when they dial in. Not only is this much more convenient (especially for mobile-phone users), but it makes calls much more secure than those based on the traditional “shared code” scheme.

ZipDX provides conference participants on-line status and control of their meetings, with access to sub-conference rooms. There’s a unique “one-way glass” feature that lets observers listen to and comment on an in-progress meeting without being heard by the rest of the participants.

For large meetings, our on-line controls support hand-raising, voting and automated “call-on” features as well as various muting modes and name-capture. This enables end-users to produce their own virtual events without resorting to expensive operator-assisted conferencing.

ZipDX has a couple of different schemes for producing text from a conference call. “Scribble” uses automated speech-to-text, capturing each participant’s words separately and identifying them as such in our on-line viewer/player. Beyond this wholly automated approach, the “Scribe” feature invokes professional transcriptionists to proofread and correct the text, delivering a publishable transcript of the meeting. Scribe is more expensive and takes 24 to 48 hours, but of course is much more accurate.

Multilingual capability is one of our more recent innovations. This works like the United Nations (in fact, they are a customer) – in the General Assembly one person is speaking, and others are listening via headphones to interpreters sitting in booths at the back of the room, simultaneously converting what is spoken into five other languages. ZipDX can do this, but it’s all done over the phone, such that participants and interpreters can be anywhere in the world.

ZipDX offers PSTN dial-out connectivity to any telephone number globally; we also have dial-in access numbers in about 50 countries. And of course we offer VoIP (SIP) connectivity as well via the public internet or private IP (including support for HDVoice). We don’t bill ourselves as the cheapest conferencing service, but we do promise to deliver great value .

At ZipDX it’s our mission to address conferencing challenges that are not being met elsewhere. If your business would benefit from an engaged conference service partner please contact us with a description of your requirements.