Account Administration
  1. How do I add payment details to my ZipDX account?
  2. Can I easily register a number of conference participants or organizers?
  3. What is an “Authorized Domain?”
  4. How can I determine the cost for calling to/from a very distant place?
Creating a Conference
  1. How to create a conference using the ZipDX web portal?
  2. Can I schedule a conference using my Outlook calendar?
  3. Can I schedule a conference using my Google Docs Calendar?
  4. How do I add my own information to the conference invitation email?
  5. What’s the simplest way for someone to join my secure conference call?
  6. What is a conference template?
  7. What are all these settings in a conference template?
User Profiles
  1. How do I add a phone to my profile?
  2. How do I get ZipDX to call me at meeting time?
  3. What is “Call-Me?”
  4. What is Auto-ID?
Managing a Live Conference
  1. How do I manage a live conference?
  2. Is there a way to lookup someone I need added to a conference in progress?
Breakout Rooms & Participant Groups
  1. What are breakout rooms?
  2. How do I move between breakout rooms?
  3. How does the waiting room work?
  4. What is One-Way Glass?
  5. How do I assign participants to groups?
  6. Can I have more breakout rooms?
  7. Can I broadcast an announcement to all of the breakout rooms?
  1. How do I disable voting for specific participants?
Multilingual Conferencing - General
  1. What is a multilingual conference call?
  2. When is it appropriate to use a multilingual conference call?
  3. Estimating the cost of a multilingual conference.
  4. How do I create/schedule a multilingual conference?
  5. How-To Video: Creating a simple multilingual conference
  6. How to I change to another language channel?
WebSharing & SlideShow
  1. Can I share my computer screen with conference participants?
  2. Can I record my WebShare presentation?
  3. How do I access the WebShare playback?
  4. Can I give others access to the WebShare recording?
  5. WebShare Wisdom: Tips for Getting Started Using WebSharing
  6. Can I download the WebShare recording?
  7. Can I use my webcam to make a personal appearance in my conference call or webinar?
  8. How do I enable webcam access for a conference or webinar?
  9. As a presenter how do I control the webcam?
  10. Can I select a different webcam?
Web Phone
  1. What is the Web Phone?
  2. What’s required to use the web phone?
  3. Does the web phone work on a Mac?
  4. How do I access the Web Phone?
  5. How can I verify that I can access the web phone?
Advanced Topics
  1. Virtual Users