How do I add a person to my account?

Q: How do I add a new person to my ZipDX account?
A: Changes in a ZipDX account, such as adding people, are accomplished via the web portal at

Someone who is an Administrator of a ZipDX account can add other people to the account. They can add them as an organizer, which allows them to schedule their own conferences. They can also add them as Administrator, which grants them access to the various settings involved in managing the account as a whole.

  • Log into the ZipDX web portal using your email address and PIN or passphrase.
  • Click on Accounts.
  • Click on Members.
  • Click on Add New Admin/Organizer.
  • Enter an email address.
  • If the person is shown as “not listed” click on the Preregister and enter their basic details.
  • Set Role.
    • Organizers can schedule their own conferences which are charged to the account.
    • Administrator has additional rights to manage the account.
    • View-only Admin can see everything about the account but not make any changes.
  • For Administrators, select the type of reporting desired:
    • No Invoices or Alerts
    • Summary Invoices plus Alerts
    • Full invoice plus alerts
    • Alerts only
  • Click Submit.