How do I access the transcript of a ZipDX conference call?

How do I access the transcript of a ZipDX conference call?
A: If transcription was enabled, the transcript is available via the ZipDX web portal.

There are two possible ways to access a conference transcript:

  1. A conference currently in-progress.
  2. A conference that has been completed.


1. A Conference Currently In-Progress

If a conference is ongoing and being transcribed, the conference organizer can access the transcript via the In Progress Conferences section of the ZipDX web portal.

Click on the Transcript link to open the Transcript Viewer (pictured below.)

2. A Completed Conference

When a ZipDX conference is completed, the organizer has access to the call details, including the transcript, in the Completed Conferences section of the web portal.

The superscript “t” appended to the Topic indicates the availability of the transcript. Simply click on the Topic to view the event details.

Click on the View link to see the transcript.

The Printable View button (upper right) moves to a page where only the transcript title and text is visible.

This minimalist presentation can be printed or copied & pasted into your favorite word processor email program.