How do I access the Web Phone?

Q: How do I access the Web Phone?
There are three possible ways to access the web phone and join a conference;

  1. Using your ZipDX login
  2. Using a guest link provided by the conference organizer
  3. Acessing and entering a conference code
1. Using your ZipDX login

If you’ve received a conference invitation from ZipDX you already have a ZipDX login. The invitation included a reminder of your PIN. Simply login simply log into the ZipDX web portal using your email address and PIN.

If the conference is already underway you will see it listed in the section labelled In-Progress Conferences. Click on the Web Phone button (pictured below) to launch the web phone and join the conference.


If the conference has not yet started it will be listed in the section labelled Pending Conferences. In order to allow participants to join the conference in a timely manner the Web Phone link is offered several minutes in advance of the scheduled conference start time.


Participants joining the conference early in this manner may find that they are the first person to join, so the conference may be quiet. They should be patient and await the conference host who should join shortly.

2. Via a Guest link

A conference organizer can choose to distribute the conference details themselves, bypassing the formal process of sending invitations via ZipDX. One of the ways that they can do this is using a Guest link, which is simply a web address (ie a URL) as highlighted in the picture below.

Verification Page Guest Generic Link

If the conference organizer distributes a generic guest link (as shown above) participants using it to join the conference will be prompted for their name and company name before being shown a menu of ways to connect to the conference audio.

Custom Guest Link

The conference conference organizer may choose to send participants a custom URL (shown above.) In this case each link includes some basic information about the participant so that they are not required to enter it themselves.

Audio Connection MenuParticipants using a guest link are shown a menu of audio connections (pictured right.)

If they are using Chrome or Firefox or the first menu option is the Web Phone. Clicking on that link launches the web phone and connects them to the conference if it’s in-progress.

The “We Call You” option prompts the participants for their telephone number so the system can call them.

The “You Call Us” option shows the participant a PIN to use when joining the conference and a list of access number they can dial to connect.

3. Via

If the conference organizer distributed just a conference code participants can still join the call via the web phone. At conference time they can visit, enter the conference code, and click submit.

guest access by code

They will then be prompted for their name and shown the menu of audio connection options, just as if they had used a generic guest URL.