Can I set a ZipDX conference to be recorded?

Can I set a ZipDX conference to be recorded?
A: Yes, it’s easy to have all or part of a ZipDX conference recorded!

Conference recording is a core part of ZipDX. When recording is enabled, participants joining the conference will hear an announcement advising them of this fact before they are connected to the conference.

There are three possible ways a conference can be recorded:

1. The Conference Template

The organizer has access to a setting in the conference template that enables/disables conference recording.

The template can be used to schedule a conference in advance. It can also be used to launch a spontaneous conference.

In either case, when recording is enabled in the template, the recording will start from at very first moment of the call.

2. The Conference Dashboard

Hosts can use the Host Controls in the conference dashboard to turn recording on/off as desired.

If recording is turned on/off during the course of the conference each section recorded will be available as a separate MP3 file.

3. Telephone Keypad

A host can control the state of recording using their telephone keypad.

  • Pressing *950 Stops conference recording
  • Pressing *951 Starts conference recording

This is admittedly a legacy feature, but still works well when the host does not have web access.

For a detailed list of keypad commands available see our online reference page.