How do I disable voting for specific participants?

Q: How do I disable voting for specific participants?
A: The simple answer is to assign them to Group 9.

Why is this necessary?

We have a customer that is an international organization. Their board of directors is globally distributed. Further, they speak multiple languages. As such, they use ZipDX multilingual conferencing to conduct their board meetings by telephone.

The conference organizer noted that ZipDX provides a handy voting feature. Conference participants can vote on issues before the group using either their telephone keypad or the web-based conference dashboard. The tally of the vote is presented visually in the conference dashboard and recorded in the conference summary.

vote tally shown in dashboard

The voting feature seemed nearly ideal for their board meetings. However, there was one concern: there would be participants on the call who are not board members and so should not be permitted to vote. The veracity of the results could be called into question unless only the board members were allowed to cast votes.

Using this feature

By default all participants are allowed to cast votes. In the case of a multilingual conference voting is disabled for participants assigned to Group 9.

Assigning groups in advance of the conference

Participants can be assigned to group 9 at the point when they are invited to the conference by adding the prefix “G9:” immediately before their email address as shown below.

Note that their role shows that they have been assigned to Group 9. Only participants can be assigned to a group.  Selecting a role other than participants removes the group assignment.

Assigning groups at point of dial-in

If participants are connecting using a conference code they can be assigned to group 9 by using a prefix as the join the call.

For example, if the call has a conference code of 12345678 you could have the non voting participants join using the code 9*12345678.

The 9* prefix tells the system that this participant is to be assigned to groups 9.

Assigning groups on-the-fly

When the call is live participants can also be assigned to group 9 in the conference dashboard. Simply click on the desired participant and rename them, adding 9 and a space before their name.

The conference dashboard indicates the group assignment for each participant. Those shown with “9” at the start of their name cannot cast votes.