Introduction to Conference Event Logs

Beyond the post-conference summary, the event logs provide a detailed record of what occurred during a ZipDX conference. Going beyond merely the connections, the event log includes every action performed anyone using the conference dashboard, commands invoked using their telephone keypad, and commands received from afar via the ZipDX API.

To access the event logs:

  • Find the conference in your list of Completed Conferences.
  • Click on the conference title to access the summary.
  • Click on View Event Logs in the upper right corner of the page.

As with the Conference Summary, the top of the page has the basic conference info.

Events Logs 1

The lower part of the page is a detailed list of events occurring during the conference. The image below is an example of a short conference with two participants.

Events Logs 2

Let’s consider what’s being detailed in this short example:

Timestamp:The time (in your timezone) when the event took place (24-hour clock).
In small print is the time elapsed since the previous event.
Source:What precipitated the event. Some choices include:
Join: A participant joining the meeting.
In the example above (1) was SIP dial-out to the participant and (2) was participant dial-in via our toll access line in Australia.
Disc: A participant disconnecting from the meeting
Dash: A host taking action via the on-line Dashboard; the name of the host is included
Conf: Some general conference event (ex Start/Stop)
Name:Name of the participant affected by the event.
Blank if entire conference affected.
Depends upon how the participants connects:
- May be based upon Caller ID presentation
- Or simply geolocated to country
The bracketed number [1] indicates the connection number.
Action: Further details of the event; depends on the source of the action.
Join – Shows how the user connected.
Disc – Shows the user disconnected, when ZipDX last received audio prior to the hang-up.
- Ex: HungUp (last audio 0s ago) = normal hang-up
- Ex: OnlyParty (last audio 3318s ago) = Conf ended because only one party remained for an extended time.

Log Retention

Event logs are can be substantial amount of data. Thus they are automatically deleted after 30 days. Once deleted they cannot be retrieved.

The example show above includes just handful of the many entries that might be found in event logs. While most are fairly obvious, some are a bit cryptic. If you have any questions please contact us at

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