Installing the Web Share Extension from the Chrome Store

I tried to share my screen but it doesn't work. What can I do?
Occasionally people have trouble when trying to use our Web Share feature for the very first time. This page has some guidance on troubleshooting that initial use of the feature.


…the very first time that your try to share your screen ZipDX automatically installs a small browser extension. The browser will prompt you to accept the installation (as pictured below.)

installing browser extension automatically

You may find that the pop-up seeking your permission to “Add extension” appears hidden under another window.

The installation takes just a few seconds. Once completed, your should be prompted to select what part of your screen you’d like to share.


…the browser extension cannot be installed automatically. In these rare cases, you can install it manually from Google’s Chrome Store using the following link:

The Chrome Store entry for the extensions will appear as shown below.

Web Share Extension in Chrome Store

Click on the blue Add To Chrome button to manually install the extension.

Finally, revisit the ZipDX web portal and launch the WebShare.