Running Slideshow

Q: How do I run the Slideshow during the live conference?
A: When the first person dials into the conference the call goes live. Once the conference is In-Progress the host clicks on the WebShare button offered to the hosts via the web portal. This starts the Slideshow for any participants, and gives hosts the controls to run the presentation.

About Hosts

There can be more that one host to a conference. In fact, for larger conferences it may be smart to have multiple hosts. That can free the conference organizer to focus on the verbal presentation, while others ensure that the slides advance, and participants receive the help they need.

The Slideshow is started and controlled by a host. Anyone given the role of host can start and run the Slideshow presentation during the conference.

1. Starting the Slideshow

Starting the Slideshow

  • The host must log into the web portal using their email address and PIN or passphrase.
  • The conference must be shown as In-Progress, which means someone must be connected to the conference audio.
    • If it’s not already In-Progress the host should dial-in or connect via WebPhone.

  • Once In-Progress, the WebShare button is offered (pictured above.)
  • Click on WebShare to start the Slideshow.
  • The Slideshow Presenter is launched in a new browser window.
2. Running the Slideshow

Running The Slideshow

  1. The first slide is automatically displayed.
  2. In the upper left corner there’s a pull-down list of languages available.
  3. In the upper right corner there’s a control for scaling the slides to your screen.

Across the top and middle of the window there are several small proxies of the slides.

  1. The current slide – always shown at the top, center position.
  2. The next slide – shown to the right.
  3. The last side – shown far right.

Once you’ve advanced into the presentation you’ll see two additional slide proxies:

  1. The previous slide – shown to the left of the current slide.
  2. The first slide – shown to the far left of the current slide.

All hosts joining the Slideshow see the Presenter Controls. They all have the ability to advance the presentation. Thus it’s important for hosts who are not supposed to take control of the slides to refrain from clicking on the proxy images across the top of the Slideshow Presenter window.