Can I use my webcam to make a personal appearance in my conference call or webinar?

Q: Can I use my webcam to make a personal appearance in my conference call or webinar?
Absolutely! Our WebShare tool includes a webcam feature that let’s up to three participants/presenters appear via webcam right beside your shared documents or slides.

ZipDX WebSharing is a well-established way to add shared visuals to a conference call. Accessed using a simple web link, it’s commonly used to present slides, share documents or demonstrate software.

Presenters must be logged into the ZipDX web portal using either Chrome or Firefox. Participants can view the shared visuals in any web browser, on any platform, even tablets and mobile phones.

We’ve extended the WebShare tool set, adding the ability for up to three presenters to appear in-person, using their webcams.

To conference participants the webcam streams appear inside the WebShare window, beside the shared visuals (as shown below.)

The webcam visuals show up to three participants. An example with a single presenter is shown above.

Like the core WebShare function, access to the webcam streams is only possible if the presenter is using Chrome or Firefox. Participants can view the webcam streams using any browser.

Can You See Me Now?

To be visible, a suitably equipped participant must click the camera button in the WebShare window to turn on their webcam and be actively or recently speaking. Those who are muted or silent for an extended time are hidden from view.

Thus for webinars, where all participants are muted, only the presenters will be visible. In the case of board or committee meetings, the most recent three speakers may be visible.

The participants can opt to turn off their view of the webcam streams. This may be preferred where internet bandwidth is limited or on very small screens.

The ability to see a live presenter makes the conference experience much more personal. It allows marketers to be more engaged with their prospective customers, and co-workers more connected with their distant associates.