What is the Call-Me feature and how does it work?

Q: What is the Call-Me feature and how does it work??
A: The “Call-Me” feature is part of ZipDX that can be set to automatically call you when your conference call is about to start.

What is Call-Me?

Most conference systems expect you to make the phone call to connect to the conference bridge. But sometimes you lose track of time or just forget. We can call you.

When your conference is about to start, we will call the number(s) you supply (or that have been supplied on your behalf). If there are multiple numbers in your list, they will be called simultaneously unless you explicitly specify a sequence.

When you answer, you’ll be asked to press “1” to accept the call. (Any other phones will stop ringing.) You’ll then be guided into your conference; the first time (only) you’ll be asked to record your name.

Your numbers are stored in your Profile and can be updated by you at any time.

How do I set ZipDX to Call-Me?

  • Log into the web portal at www.zipdx.com.
  • Click on the Profile tab.
  • Click on Add a Phone.
  • Leave the Phone Type at the default setting of “Phone Number.”
  • Enter the phone number.
    • If it’s a North American number be sure to include the +1. For example, +1 415 555 6789.
    • If it’s not a North American number enter the complete number, including country code.  For example, a UK number might be +44 20 3333 4567.
  • You can opt to give this phone a nickname.
  • If there is an extension to be dialed after the number enter them in the field labeled Optional Extension Digits.
  • Click on Save to store the number in your profile.