Making it Easier for Participants to Join a Virtual Meeting

ZipDX is continuously evolving. We refine existing capabilities, and add new ones, driven by things we learn from customers. Typically the changes are subtle, often entirely invisible to the average user. Occasionally, the changes are more obvious. That’s the case in our most recent update.

We have made it easier for participants to join the meeting, especially for web-based meetings. The result is a change to the ZipDX portal home page.

A Web Portal Refresher: Hosts

These changes have no impact on conference hosts, interpreters or auditors. They still log into the web portal using their email address and PIN and see a series of gold buttons to access to features of any active conference.


The example above shows the Web Phone, WebShare, Dashboard and (optional) Transcript buttons.

Each button opens a separate browser window. The host has the flexibility but also the burden of multiple windows.

The New Way: For Participants

For participants, it can be easier if more functionality is contained within a single window.

Participants also log into the web portal using their email address and PIN. To make connecting simpler, there is one gold button labelled “Join Now.”


The Join Now button opens one, new browser window that contains everything a typical participant requires, as shown below.


The window features the host’s live computer screen (Web Share) or slides prepared in advance (Slide Show), if activated. Webcam streams, if active, are shown on the right side of the window. (The example above shows the control to turn the camera on because there are no streams active.)

The window includes the Audio Connection panel on the left. If the participant’s browser supports our WebPhone, they can connect to the conference audio from within the browser and the WebPhone controls will remain accessible from this window. Otherwise they have options to have the system call them, or lookup an access line, and dial-in to the conference.

Most participants don’t use the ZipDX conference dashboard, but it is accessible via the Participant List button if the host has made it accessible. This feature launches in a separate window.

Once the participant is connected to the conference audio, the connection panel can be hidden leaving a full view of the shared visuals.

Respect for the Old Way

Participants who are very familiar with ZipDX may prefer the old approach, keeping the various functions in separate browser windows. To these folks we offer the blue “Advanced Mode” button, which displays the array of gold buttons as shown below.


There they are also offered a “Simple Mode” button, so they can toggle between Simple and Advanced mode.


This one-button and one-window approach to joining a conference makes connecting easier for participants, even when there are shared visuals. It’s another example of making the technology more transparent, so participants can focus on the topic at hand.


clip_image002If you have questions about any aspect of ZipDX please contact our support team at:

  • 1-888-947-3955,
  • Or, +1-312-348-8175,
  • Or, email

We’re here to help you get down to business.

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