Self-Managed Events: Bridging Conferencing & Online Streaming

Managed Conference Calls

Managed Conference Calls

Not all audio conferencing calls are created equal. Some calls rise above the daily routine of business, becoming large scale virtual events in their own right. ZipDX can be a powerful partner in helping you manage your own conference calls.

Whether an investor call, global sales force briefing, or multinational state-of-the-company gathering, ZipDX has the tools and features to make managed conference calls a reality for your in-house team. Managing conference calls in-house eliminates the cost and complexity of operator assisted conference calls.

With local dial-in access in over 50 countries, the entire audience can be collected in one conference, no matter where they reside. Suitably equipped participants can join the meeting via IP phone, enjoying superior wideband audio.

Managed conference calls with patented security

Our patented secure conference calls ensure that only your team is allowed into the meeting, keeping your corporate plans and insights confidential. It also ensures that the meeting moderator knows exactly who is on the conference call, even who is speaking, at all times.

Participants joining a large meeting can record their name as a reference for the meeting moderator. When they later wish to ask a question the moderator can listen to their recorded name for a reference to pronunciation.

Online dashboard makes conference call management easy

The ability to moderate the meeting using our online dashboard allows managed interaction of the audience with one or multiple presenters. Call for questions from the audience, asking them to raise their hand to be heard. Call on those who answer, allowing them to voice their question in person, all the while maintaining an orderly and professional meeting.

Of course, the entire event can be recorded for later replay, or even transcribed for archive or publication.

Our goal is to be the best way to answer your need for audio conferencing. How can we help your team to take the work and worry out of large scale audio collaboration?