Multilingual Conferencing: Simultaneous Interpretation Over-The-Phone

Multilingual Conference Calls

Whether you are making a sales presentation to a potential client in Brazil or reviewing production schedules with a supplier in China, with ZipDX Multilingual conference calls, you can have your audio conferencing calls interpreted simultaneously by a professional interpreter, making your conference calls more productive.

Simultaneous Interpretation of Conference Calls with ZipDX Multilingual

When participants speak different languages, conducting conference calls can be difficult and time consuming. Using consecutive interpreting effectively doubles the duration of the call and breaks the flow of conversation, and resorting to the use of a lingua franca like English can limit participants’ ability to fully engage in a conversation and can often lead to costly misunderstandings.

ZipDX has pioneered proprietary technology that makes high-quality over-the-phone simultaneous interpreting a reality for both the public and private sectors.

Multilingual Example Call: Spanish & English

A “multilingual conference call” or “multilingual virtual meeting” works like a regular conference call, connecting several people in different locations. ZipDX enables a multilingual conversation or discussion by making it possible to connect a simultaneous interpreter to the call. The interpreter can be located anywhere and uses a computer-based audio interface. There may be as few as two people conversing in two languages with one interpreter, but up to 100 people can participate on the same call. For small groups there is usually no chairperson or formal speaker control.

We Provide the Technology. You Provide the Interpreter.

Are you a language services provider looking to expand the services you offer to include simultaneous over-the-phone interpreting? ZipLine may be right for you. Contact us for a demo.

Are you part of an organization that already has interpreters on staff and would like to learn more about how using ZipDX Multilingual can increase the productivity of your multilingual conference calls? Contact us for a demo.

When you add simultaneous interpretation to the next-generation features ZipDX already offers, the choice is clear.


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