Online Training

Is your current virtual meeting provider less than inspiring?

Do you crave a superior learner experience? ZipDX delivers a flexible suite of tools purpose-built to deliver effective online training.

Adobe Connect & ZipDX: A Cure for the Common Webinar

To address the most demanding Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) applications the ZipDX toolset can be coupled with Adobe Connect, the leading online webinar and training platform.

clip_image001The rPhone pod for Adobe connect, developed with our partner Refined Data, marries the ZipDX suite of advanced telephony capabilities to the Adobe Connect visual toolset.

Using rPhone and ZipDX participants can join the Adobe Connect audio session via telephone from anywhere in the world or via computer. [Participants can dial out to themselves.] From within the Adobe Connect meeting room hosts can control mute state, adjust volume, view hand-raising & voting, and “Call On” participants to ask questions in their own voice. ZipDX and Adobe Connect breakout rooms work together to support sophisticated learning scenarios.

ZipDX further enhances Adobe Connect, adding our unique ability to provide on-demand transcription of the session, extending its archival value.

Our patented multilingual capability makes it possible to engage participants in multiple languages. In a multilingual session participants hear only their preferred language, with skilled, professional interpreters ensuring that the training is conveyed accurately in each language.


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TMI: Tools of Mass Instruction

ZipDX addresses simpler requirements with easy, built-in tools. Beyond commodity audio conferencing, we provide a toolset designed to deliver a superior participant experience, while giving trainers flexibility in course implementation and execution.

For Participants

telephone-180pxEasy access – ZipDX virtual meetings are globally accessible via the traditional telephone network. Participants can join from the office, the conference room, or the road, with no special software or equipment.

Diverse means of access – Participants joining via computer can use our WebRTC-based WebPhone and enjoy the superior audio experience of HDVoice.

laptop-webshare-graph-180pxWeb-based presentation sharing – Our simple, standards-based WebShare feature delivers a high-quality, shared visual experience with one click. A zero-complexity solution, there’s no software or browser plug-ins to install. Participants can view the presentation in real-time, on any platform, in any browser. ZipDX telephone audio also works in conjunction with other web conferencing solutions including Adobe Connect (see below).

For Trainers

Simple session setup & access – Invite participants using a generic web address, or send each participant a unique URL. Either way they have the option of joining by telephone, computer, or both!

Security without inconvenience – Opt to use the level of event security appropriate for the project. Participants can be positively identified. Unauthorized participants have no access, ensuring that company confidential information stays that way.

Powerful live event management – the trainer’s equivalent of an aircraft cockpit, our Conference Dashboard puts you in real-time control of the session. Instantly see who is participating. Take live polls. Take questions from participants in their own voice or via text chat.

Flexible group handling Breakout rooms allow a large group to be split into smaller groups for private work. Event hosts can easily make announcements into the private rooms, or recall everyone to the main room.

Session recording – Record the event for later replay online, including shared visuals.

Detailed reporting tracks engagement – Post-event reporting includes who joined, when and how. It also notes whether they saw the presentation, and even how much they actively participated in the conversation.


Our team loves the fact that they just dial ZipDX and be routed straight into the proper conference without having to enter any confusing codes.
– Steve Shaw, Marketing Vice President, Kineto Wireless


Whether your requirement is sales training for six people or a briefing for six hundred, ZipDX provides a flexible, professional presentation with outstanding connectivity and tools for audience interaction.


Find out how ZipDX can enhance your online training.   Schedule a Consultation