Secure Conference Calls

Secure conference calling for sensitive meetings

ZipDX’s technology is built around ensuring secure conference calls for each and every one of your meetings. Enterprises today use audio conferencing calls to conduct critical business: product planning sessions, sales pipeline reviews, board of directors meetings, corporate strategy discussions, plus consultations on human resources and legal issues. It’s imperative that the right people, and ONLY those people, have access to these conferences.

Other audio conferencing solutions available today are code-driven. Unfortunately, this allows eavesdroppers easy access to your confidential calls. It’s virtually impossible to keep your sensitive meetings secure when you’re dependent on a code-based system.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?
  • At 9:52 AM, people scheduled for a 10 o’clock call start dialing in, interrupting the 9 o’clock confidential call that hasn’t yet finished
  • The vendor scheduled to meet tomorrow erroneously dials in today, while you’re in the middle of a conversation with a competitor
  • An unidentified person listens in on your board meeting, and you don’t even realize it

ZipDX’s secure conference call features have changed conference call management, so that troublesome scenarios like these become a thing of the past.

Reservationless conferencing system ensures secure conference calling

ZipDX’s patented reservationless conferencing system takes security concerns out of the picture. For starters, each call participant has his or her own identity in the system, and only users invited by the host are allowed into this secure conference call.

With a single E-mail invitation, the host notifies the call participants and ZipDX of the conference. Then, ZipDX automatically polices call access via these alternatives:

  • Call-me Feature: Each participant manages his own phone number(s), telling ZipDX how to reach him at conference time.
  • Dial-in: If the participant elects to dial in instead of having the system dial out, ZipDX uses Caller-ID to automatically recognize him and route him to the proper conference.
  • PIN System: Each participant has a PIN, which he keeps to himself and enters only when the system can’t identify him through one of the other methods

Our heightened security features actually make conferencing EASIER: participants don’t have to track different codes; they get the convenience (and memory-jogger) of having the system CALL THEM; and they only have to record their name ONCE, because the system stores that with all of their other information.

Once the call is in progress, the host and participants can use the on-line dashboard to monitor who’s present. And as soon as the call ends, the host receives an E-mail with a detailed summary of participants. Also available is call recording; the host can enable this and then keep the file or share it with others.

The ZipDX approach to secure conference calls closes the gaping security holes that exist in other systems. ZipDX keeps extensive records of every call and if there is a breach, we’ll help you track and identify the perpetrator.