Step #2: Wired Broadband Internet Access

Step #2: Wired Broadband Internet Access

To deliver interpretation over-the-phone you must have consistent, reliable internet access capable of at least 500 kbps (aka 0.5 mbps) in both directions. In practice, most cable or DSL-based internet service is more than sufficient.

We strongly advise against delivering interpretation over a wireless (Wi-Fi) network!

laptop with wireless network connection

The occasional, random loss of connectivity common to wireless networks causes awkward gaps in conversation. This can result in an unsatisfactory experience delivering interpretation.

We strongly recommend using a wired Ethernet connection to your network switch or router.

laptop with wired network connection
What if my computer doesn't have a wired network connection?

Plugable USB Ethernet adapter for laptops 150pxIf you are using a computer that does not have a built-in Ethernet adapter we suggest that you purchase a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. These are inexpensive and easily found in stores. We recommend one manufactured by Plugable that is conveniently available from Amazon.

What if my workspace doesn't allow me to run a long network cable?

TPLink-Powerline-Ethernet-ExtenderIn some buildings it’s just not practical to run an Ethernet cable from your network router to your computer. In such cases we recommend using a Powerline Ethernet Extender. This will provide a reliable, wired network connection with minimal cost or effort.