Interpreter's FAQ

The following are the answers to some common questions about ZipDX multilingual service.

Will the ZipLine software run on my Mac?

ZipLine is a Windows program. It cannot run natively on a Mac.

That said,  a few people have use the Parallels Desktop software to create a virtual Windows computer on their Mac. They have then installed ZipLine on that virtual Windows system. This has been seen to work, but may have its own complexities. As such, it is entirely unsupported. We cannot help anyone trying to get such an arrangement working.

Do I need a headset to act as an interpreter?

Yes! You must use a headset to deliver simultaneous interpretation over-the-phone using ZipDX multilingual. You cannot achieve a satisfactory result using the built-in microphone and speakers on a laptop.

Is my internet access fast enough to be an interpreter?

Our ZipLine software only requires around 500 kbps (aka 0.5 Mbps) in each direction to work flawlessly. That’s less bandwidth than any cable modem or the slowest DSL service, so it’s quite likely that your existing service will suffice.

Our Interpreter’s Guide includes a speed test step to positively confirm that your internet is up to the task.

Can I perform interpretation over a Wifi connection?

No. We do not recommend delivery of interpretation over Wifi. We recommend that your computer have a wired Ethernet connection to your broadband service to ensure a reliable connection. If using a laptop that does not have an ethernet interface, use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter to add a wired connection.