Reference Guide


This ZipDX Reference Guide provides detailed information for using the ZipDX® audio conferencing platform. It discusses most of the features of ZipDX, and highlights many of the service’s distinctive attributes. You can find additional information about our features and services throughout

Some features are designed to work with specific equipment or systems. In certain cases, you may need to configure your equipment to work with ZipDX. You’ll find the appropriate instructions in that particular section. Our technical support department is available to answer questions as you go through the set-up process. Please E-mail

We recommend that you read sections 2 and 3 completely and then feel free to refer to items in the guide in any order, skipping sections that are not applicable to your needs.

Section I: Scheduling and Accessing Conferences
  1. Registration
  2. No-Codes Conferencing
  3. Integration with Online Calendaring
  4. Maximum Flexibility with Codes & Templates
  5. Maximizing Conference Security
  6. International Access
Section II: Conference Features
  1. Online Dashboard & In-Conference Features
  2. WebSharing
  3. Call Recording
  4. Call Transcription
Section III: High-Fidelity, IP and Polycom Phones
  1. Wideband Audio
  2. Connecting via SIP and using a SoftPhone
  3. Connection via IP-PBX
  4. Support for Polycom® HD Voice™ Endpoints
Section IV: Administration
  1. Accounting
  2. Project & Client Tracking