Support for Polycom® HD Voice™ Endpoints

Business Issue/Requirement

Polycom-SoundPoint-IP650Polycom is the most recognized manufacturer of conference phones. Its latest tabletop and desktop products incorporate HD Voice technology, which is Polycom’s version of wideband.

These new products are SIP-based and connect over the Internet using Voice over IP (VoIP); they will not connect via a traditional PSTN phone line. It should be easy to use these devices with your conferencing service, even if you do not have an IP-PBX or other VoIP service provider.

The newest Polycom devices offer a programmable display that should be able to show conference status, and it should be possible to control various conference features (such as participant muting) directly from the phone.

ZipDX Feature

ZipDX is a certified Polycom ARENA partner and was designed from the ground up to work with Polycom phones. Therefore, our service provides unmatched support for the Polycom IP-6000 and IP-7000 tabletop conference phones, as well as the IP-550, 560, 650 and 670 desktop phones. Since Polycom and ZipDX use open industry standards, our customers can expect continuing enhancement and support for new products and services.

ZipDX supports the Polycom phones both as stations connected to an IP-PBX or VoIP service provider, or in a standalone mode. When the phone is connected to the Internet and initializes, it will automatically download all of its configuration parameters and be ready for immediate use. ZipDX associates a phone with a particular ZipDX user via the telephone’s serial number. For standalone operation, the phone is pre-set with the address of the ZipDX configuration server.

A version of the ZipDX dashboard is available on the telephone display and shows who is joining or leaving the conference, and allows the host to control certain features of the call.

Use this Feature

Each user can determine whether you will use the Polycom phone(s) in standalone mode, in conjunction with your own IP-PBX or a hosted VoIP service provider. Additional configuration information is available at, under the personal profile tab after log in. Then, just proceed with scheduling a call and enjoy the high-quality sound.