The Best Conference Entry Experience

The Best Conference Entry Experience

Probably the most challenging aspect of conference calls is getting the right people onto the right conference at the right time, and to keep those people connected and productive for the duration of the meeting.

ZipDX was conceived to solve these challenges, and we’ve succeeded. Here’s how our outside-the-box thinking has revolutionized conferencing where others still fail:


Most conferencing systems work by having participants dial into the conference bridge. ZipDX conferences can be configured to call TO the participants at the scheduled meeting time. No more forgetting, or having your watch set wrong, or misunderstanding the time-zone, or getting involved in another conversation, or not being able to find the dial-in number. Meetings start on schedule without wasting the group’s time waiting on the latecomers.


With other systems, the meeting host distributes a code to all the participants; they enter this when they dial in and get connected to the right bridge (hopefully). With ZipDX, each participant is identified individually; the system knows who they are based on their caller-ID (or because it called TO the person). When the host sends the meeting notice to the participants, ZipDX gets a copy, so it knows who belongs in what meeting – automatically. There are no codes to misplace or transpose; mobile callers don’t fumble typing on the keypad while driving at 65 MPH.


Other systems allow anybody that “knows the code” into a host’s meeting. Say a meeting host schedules a meeting at 10 AM with one supplier, and another meeting at 2 PM with a competitor, sharing his code, as he must, with both groups. There’s nothing to prevent someone invited to the 2 PM meeting from calling in earlier and eavesdropping. This is even more apparent with “back-to-back” meetings, where people connecting for an 11 AM meeting “drop in” on the 10 AM meeting still in progress.

With ZipDX, only people INVITED to a particular meeting have access to it; the system is smart enough to keep the groups separate even when the meetings are organized by the same host.


Since codes are so frustrating, some providers offer “PIN-less conferencing” where they promise that you don’t need to enter a code. They do this by having different dial-in numbers assigned to different hosts; calls to a given number go into the bridge for the corresponding host. So now participants have to keep track of who’s hosting a meeting, and what their special number is, and make sure they dial that.

If that weren’t bad enough, it only works in North America; offshore callers still need to dial a number AND a code. This isn’t really PIN-less, it’s just moving the “PIN” into the phone number, and that’s little help.

ZipDX offers truly no-codes conferencing, globally. You store one number for ZipDX in your phone, and dial that whenever you need to join a meeting; ZipDX figures it out from there. (Or, let ZipDX call you!)


Some services suggest that you keep your meeting secure by “locking” the meeting once your guests have all arrived. But what about legitimate late-comers? And worse, what if one of your invited guests suffers a drop on their mobile phone; how will they re-join when you’ve locked everybody out?

With ZipDX, your invited guests can always join, and those you haven’t invited don’t have access. Security and confidentiality is inherent in the system, not an afterthought that you have to manage.


If you have questions about any aspect of ZipDX please contact our support team at:

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