ZipDX IP Addresses Are Changing

ZipDX IP Addresses Are Changing

If you have any ZipDX-specific IP addresses in your firewall, this note applies to you.

Some of our customers have added ZipDX IP addresses to their firewalls. This is applicable when a firewall otherwise blocks the ports ZipDX uses for SIP signaling and media, and/or when ZipDX is sending meeting notifications as part of our API.

ZipDX operates from several physical data centers, and the IP address of changes from time to time depending on which data center is designated “primary”. Our west coast center is moving to a new facility (still in San Jose), but the IP addresses are changing.

  • New West Coast IP Address: (/24 implies subnet mask

This changeover will take place through the month of November, so it’s best to have BOTH our OLD and NEW addresses in your firewall until Dec. 1, when our old facility will be completely idle.

Nothing is changing at our East Coast facility, so you’ll want to leave those addresses intact:

  • East Coast IP Address: (/27 implies subnet mask

We’re happy to answer any questions at

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