Pricing: Take The ZipDX Challenge

Let us show you how ZipDX beats the price of any other business-class conferencing service: E-mail us a copy of your recent bill(s), and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote!

Remember, even with our cost advantage we still deliver the most advanced features and capabilities in the marketplace. Our superior technology lets us offer the lowest prices AND the richest, most productive and most secure conferencing experience possible.

Information about our basic retail pricing and billing is below. We’re happy to discuss any special requirements you might have, and we can develop a custom quote for your company. Substantial discounts off our retail pricing are available as a function of volume and typically result in savings of 20-50% versus other business-class conferencing services.

We offer special discounts for connecting to ZipDX via SIP, so if you have an IP-PBX, you can realize even greater savings. Please E-mail us at

ZipDX Basic Service Package

Basic Service Package: $0.08 (USD) per minute per participant inclusive of Federal taxes and fees (even the Federal Universal Service Fund)

The basic service rate covers:

    • Toll-free dial-in to ZipDX from anywhere in the United States and Canada
    • International dial-in access around the world via LOCAL numbers in numerous cities around the world (see below regarding toll-free numbers on this list)
    • ‘Call-me’ service from ZipDX to anywhere in the United States, Canada, China, and Singapore; plus to landlines in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Norway, Argentina, and Switzerland, as well as other countries.
    • Inbound and outbound access via VoIP/SIP
    • A full complement of ZipDX features, including:
      • Wideband-Audio Support
      • Identity-Driven Code-Free Conferencing
      • Online Dashboard
      • Calendar Integration
      • Private Sub-Conferences
      • Participant Voting
      • Hand-Raising
      • Full & Selective Muting
      • On-line & E-mail Call Summaries
      • Customized Conference Templates
      • Online Accounting Tools

Other Charges

Under the following circumstances, Organizers of conferences where participants use telephone connections outside the United States and Canada may incur additional charges:

  • Calls from ZipDX to mobile phones in many countries carry a surcharge. For example, it costs $0.15 (USD) extra to call mobile phones in Australia or Japan; and $0.05 (USD) more to mobiles in Austria.
  • Calls from ZipDX to landlines in countries not included (per list above) in our Basic Service carry additional charges. For example, there is an additional charge of $0.10 (USD) for some calls to India, Pakistan and Costa Rica; and a charge of $0.20 (USD) to Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.
  • Calls TO ZipDX international toll-free access numbers (in China, India, Malaysia, and UK) carry additional charges.

Contact us to enable your account for calls to/from surcharged locations or for more rate details. Rates are subject to change.

Open an Account

To open a ZipDX account, you will complete a brief registration and provide us with a valid Visa, MasterCard or American Express card number. At the end of each monthly billing period, we will charge your credit card for that month’s accumulated conferencing usage. A monthly E-mail summary of charges will be sent to you, and billing can be categorized by client, location or other categorization of your choosing. Plus, your up-to-the-minute detail of charges is always available online at

Conference Service Pricing Comparisons

ZipDX is not your average telephone conference service. We are committed to offering the best value for business collaboration. A competitor may quote you lower per-minute rates, but our all-inclusive approach will prove more economical. We will deliver substantial capability, flexibility and service for the money you spend.

Here are some things we think you should be aware of when comparing conferencing services.

Service A advertises a rate of $0.055 (USD) per-minute for toll-free calls within the United States. That seems like a bargain, especially if it works over a reliable network, even for a service that doesn’t offer a suite of features comparable to ZipDX. But look at the fine print. It turns out this company charges $0.70 cents per minute for calls originating in Canada.

For one customer, a 30-minute call with four US and two Canadian participants results in charges of ((4 X $0.055) + (2 X $0.70)) X 30 mins. = $48.60.

The same call via ZipDX would be 6 X $0.08 X 30 mins. = $14.40 — a savings of over 70%.

Worse, the same service charges $14 per minute for a call to India. A 50-minute call with 10 people in the US and one in India resulted in charges of ((10 X $0.055) + (1 X $14.00)) X 50 mins. = $727.50.

The same call with ZipDX would cost ((10 X $0.08) + (1 X $0.20)) X 50 mins. = $50.00. — a savings of over 90%.

Service I offers a basic rate of $0.045 (four and a half cents) per minute. But they have a per CONFERENCE minimum of $15 (fifteen DOLLARS!). So if three people dial in for 10 minutes, you end up paying $15.

ZipDX charges 3 X 10 X $0.08, or $2.40 for that call — a savings of over 80%.

To add insult to injury, all of these services pile additional taxes and fees on top of their quoted rates. Not ZipDX.

Please make sure you compare “apples” to “apples” when evaluating telephone conferencing service charge.