Reservationless Conference Calls

Reservationless Conference Calls

Keeping track of dial-in codes for audio conference calls can be a challenge and a real hassle, especially for business people on the go.

With most audio conferencing systems, the host has to distribute a code to each participant, and then the host often needs a second code to identify themselves properly and initiate the call.

Pile on top of that multiple codes for different departments or people, and you’ve got code overload!

No pin codes! Reservationless conferencing made easy

ZipDX offers an alternative — our patented reservationless conference call system is simple and more secure because only authorized participants can access the call.

1 The registered conference organizer uses their Outlook or calendar program to schedule the phone meeting and includes ZipDX as an attendee, thereby alerting the system of the call time, date and participants’ email addresses.

2 Participants receive an email and complete the brief, one-time ZipDX registration, so the system can recognize their e-mail address(es) and telephone number(s) in the future. The host and participants can select their user preferences, such as having ZipDX call out to them at the scheduled time.

3 ZipDX can dial-out to the host and participants, or individuals call in. The system recognizes the pre-set phone numbers, and everyone is placed directly into the appropriate conference.

There are more details available about how to best use the no-codes system.

Connect anywhere with reservationless conference calls

With ZipDX, you connect the same way for every audio conferencing call, whether you’re hosting or a participant.

This reservationless conference call technology is especially helpful when connecting via mobile phone. ZipDX can call you, so you don’t have to fumble dialing in and entering codes. And if your call is dropped, just hit re-dial, and ZipDX will put you right back where you belong. ZipDX even remembers your spoken name, so you don’t have to endure “After the beep, please say your name and then press pound.”

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