All About ZipDX

ZipDX provides premium audio conferencing. Weekly sales calls, team meetings, and project reviews are easier to manage, and sound better with ZipDX. Companies that value the time and productivity of their team members and business contacts around the world are switching to ZipDX.

If you’ve got problems with your phone conferencing service, or if you’re just looking for the next big thing, we’ve got solutions.

“Code-Free” Collaboration

Keeping track of dial-in conference codes for calls can be a challenge, especially for business people on the go. With most conferencing systems, the host has to distribute a code to each participant, and then the host often needs a second code to identify themselves properly and initiate the call.
ZipDX offers an alternative to code overload. (Of course, ZipDX users who want to can use a code system.) The patented no-codes conferencing system is simple and more secure.

  • Step 1: The registered conference organizer uses their Outlook or calendar program to schedule the phone meeting and invite ZipDX, thereby alerting the system of the call time, date and participants.
  • Step 2: Participants receive an email and complete the brief, one-time ZipDX registration, so the system can recognize their e-mail address(es) and telephone number(s) in the future. The host and participants can select their user preferences, such as having ZipDX call out at the scheduled time.
  • Step 3: ZipDX can dial-out to the host and participants, or everyone calls in. The system recognizes the pre-set phone numbers, and everyone is placed directly into the appropriate conference.

Easy Sign-Up

ZipDX online registration is quick, easy and offers additional benefits.

  • No more losing track of time or forgetting your call. You can call the toll-free number when you have a call, or you can tell ZipDX to CALL YOU.
  • Who just joined? This will become a question of the past. The system saves your recorded name, so you don’t have to deal with that chore for each conference. Plus, when each participant joins the call, each name will show in the online dashboard, viewable to the host and all participants.
  • Registered users can use the ZipDX online dashboard to access conference status and controls, as well as the calendar of calls.
  • ZipDX does not require a contract.

ZipDX has so many more advantages over traditional phone-conferencing services.

Wideband Audio

ZipDX was the first phone conferencing service to support Wideband Audio, the next generation of audio transmission.

Traditional, or narrowband, telephone calls limit audio frequencies to the range between 300 and 3400 Hertz. Wideband extends the frequency range to 7000 Hertz, which results in a much higher sound quality.

This is particularly important for effective and productive conference calls, in which participants need to be able to recognize voices and sounds clearly. Users of wideband audio have commented on their newfound ease of deciphering words that have the close sounds of ‘s’ and ‘f’ in them, hear people on speakerphone, as well as being better able to understand accented speakers,

Regular landline telephones and mobile phones can’t support Wideband, so callers connecting to ZipDX via those networks will hear traditional (narrowband) audio. But if you connect using VoIP, with a Wideband-capable IP telephone, such as the Polycom IP-6000 or IP-7000 series, PC-based Softphone, or certain other wideband-enabled devices, you’ll enjoy the fidelity and clarity of Wideband audio.

The Richest Feature Set

ZipDX has a dynamic set of features that further differentiate our services from all the others available today.
In addition to the patented no-codes conferencing system, easy registration and wideband audio capabilities, these include:

  • Real-time online dashboard
  • Conference system that supports interactive participant features
  • Dial-out ability (ZipDX can call you in advance of the call start time)
  • Recording capabilities
  • Dynamic accounting tools

Can your conference system do all this?