ZipDX Partners


Refined Data Solutions Inc.

Refined Data’s rPhone integrates the rich visual environment of Adobe Connect with the flexibility and global reach of the ZipDX network.

Refined Data Solutions provides the most advanced online learning experiences through flexible, virtual classroom solutions. We have partnered with Adobe to deliver state-of-the art integrated e-Learning Solutions to leading global Corporate, Educational and Government-sector clients, as well as innovative Start Ups. We are committed to developing long-term relationships and to delivering world-class applications in 2 key areas: Elegant Training and Learning solutions, and Unique Adobe Connect Custom Pods.

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Xtelesis offers ZipDX conferencing as one element of their portfolio of best-in-class communications solutions.

Xtelesis, based in Burlingame, CA, is an IP communications integrator specializing in providing voice and data solutions for companies with 5 to 5000+ employees. Xtelesis can design, deliver, install and support sophisticated communications technologies from a broad range of product and service suppliers.

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Users of Polycom® phones can access ZipDX conferences in wideband with Polycom HDVoice™ technology.

ZipDX is a member of Polycom ARENA. The Polycom ARENA program is designed for voice, video, and wireless system manufacturers as well as application providers looking to demonstrate compatibility with the Polycom unified collaboration platform. The Polycom ARENA program helps business development managers, developers, and sales & marketing professionals leverage the Polycom platform, brand, and sales channels to accelerate success. In addition, Polycom ARENA provides interoperability certifications for VoIP, Wireless, and Video applications vendors.

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GM Voices

GM Voices provides the prompts (recorded announcements) you hear when accessing ZipDX conferences and features.

GM Voices is the global leader in professionally-recorded voice prompts and Voice Branding solutions for automated voice technologies. By recording only professional voice actors from a state-of-the-art production facility, GM Voices helps companies establish a natural-sounding Voice Brand that improves the customer experience and helps increase caller containment.

Over 100 languages and dialects are offered, with in-country translators and script reviewers ensuring a locally-authentic sound for any market. A production schedule based around weekly recording sessions makes it easy for companies to plan their ongoing voice prompt updates.

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