ZipDX Payment Philosophy

ZipDX Payment Philosophy
Electronics Payments Only
As of January 1, 2020 we no longer accept payment via paper means. We require payment by credit card, ACH or wire transfer.

At ZipDX, we treat our customers and our suppliers as partners. We have elected to work together because we think that will produce the best possible outcome for each party.

This partnership is based upon mutual respect, and the financial element of our relationship is a key component.

If You Are A ZipDX Customer

First, thank you for choosing us to serve you. Our objective is to provide you with the highest quality, most reliable, most capable service possible.  We live and breathe that belief 24 X 7. We do this in exchange for the money you pay us. We invoice you monthly via email for the conferencing services that we’ve provided in the immediately-preceding period. When you get our conferencing invoice, you’ve already enjoyed the benefits of those services, and we’ve already incurred the expense of providing them.

In addition to providing clear summary information on our invoices, we give you the ability to drill into conference service billing details via our portal at That information is available in real time as you consume our services (even prior to invoicing), and is also retained for at least two years afterward.

For our RRAPTOR robocall surveillance platform, we invoice at the beginning of each month for that month’s service. This is standard industry practice for cloud-based fixed-price subscription services. The instant your subscription is activated, you have access not just to real-time call data as it rolls in, but to the extensive history we have accumulated.

Please bring any discrepancies or questions to our attention and allow us to investigate and correct errors with our apologies. If you need us to put a PO number, vendor ID, or other notation on the invoice to make your processing more efficient and timely, just let us know.

Our requirement is that you pay us when you get our invoice (less any amount you’ve disputed with us, of course). You can elect to have us automatically bill your credit card, in which case we’ll process that charge immediately following the issuance of the invoice. Alternatively, you can choose to pay our invoice electronically (via ACH). In this case, you should plan to take no more than a few days to approve and process our invoice, and of course electronic transfer will take a few additional days. We will credit the funds to your ZipDX account within a day of receipt (usually the same day).

Our business is technology-based services, not banking. Since we are not a bank, we do not extend “terms” or make “loans” and we don’t have staff to do “collections.” We do not offer “net 45” or “net 60.” In order for us to stay focused on our core mission and insure you get the best possible service from us, we count on you to get your payment to us promptly and in every case prior to the automatic issuance of your next monthly invoice.

If this approach isn’t workable for you, contact us to talk about alternatives – such as paying in advance, or putting a deposit in place.

We look forward to a long-lasting, mutually-beneficial partnership grounded in an unwavering commitment to meeting our respective obligations to each other.

If You Are A ZipDX Supplier

To you, we also say thanks for working with us. We elected to work with you because we think you provide the best overall value in meeting our needs and we respect the work you have done, and continue to do, to build and sustain your business. Of course we are committed to meeting our financial obligations to you.

Part of choosing you as a partner was making sure that we could comply with at least one of the payment alternatives you offered us. Our preference is for automation, so if you can charge our business credit card or automatically take funds from our bank, we’ve set that up with you. If you invoice us, we will enter your paper or electronic invoice into our system upon receipt and, depending on your situation, you should receive electronic or paper funds within 3 to 7 days. If you have asked us for a deposit or pre-payment, we have set that up as part of establishing our relationship with you. In all cases, we appreciate getting timely billing information from you which clearly spells out our obligations to you. We prefer electronic communication versus paper and will make use of whatever on-line tools you can offer.

In Summary

We’re proud to be partnered with you in this “eco-system” and insist that all of us be aligned philosophically to deliver great business solutions together without interference from failure to respect our financial obligations.