Team Members

David Frankel

CEO & Founder

David Frankel is the founder of ZipDX. He has worked in high-performance computer and networking technology since 1974. He was the founder of Jetstream Communications, Inc. which supplied voice-over-packet technology to telecommunications carriers.

Barry Slaughter-Olsen

GM Multilingual Operations

Barry Slaughter Olsen is the General Manager of Multilingual Operations at ZipDX. He has worked as a conference interpreter since 1993, interpreting regularly for international organizations, US Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

He teaches translation and interpreting at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS). He is also the founder of InterpretAmerica, an entity created to raise the profile of interpreting in today’s globalized and multilingual society.

Michael Graves is a freakishly compulsive advocate of anything that helps people communicate better.

With a long history in the arts and technologies, he hopes to see widespread deployment of wideband telephony by the end of his days, most of which are spent in his Houston home office in the company of two exemplary Labrador Retrievers.

When not assisting ZipDX customers Michael blogs on SOHO tech topics, co-produces a podcast and enjoys the study of wine.