Delivering Solutions to Conferencing Challenges


Audio conferencing solutions for businesses

Audio conference calls are a business reality.

While hands-free calling via the speakerphone evolved from simple origins to sophisticated hardware designs, the audio conferencing solutions that provide the virtual meeting space remained largely unchanged for literally decades.

Audio conferencing solutions, evolved

ZipDX was born of years of experience in telecom, frustration from our own experience with audio conferencing solutions, and the belief that transforming the common audio conference call would be good for businesses everywhere.

The process of transformation is a continuous evolution.

We have already worked to address issues of call quality, secure conference calls and real-time interpretation between languages. At every step of the way we set out to provide best-of-breed solutions to real problems of business communication.

In each case we work with customers to develop an audio conferencing solution to their specific needs.

An audio conferencing solution for your business

What can we do for your business? At ZipDX we specialize in audio conferencing solutions that uniquely fit the needs of your business.

More than an audio conferencing platform for the every-day conference call, ZipDX specializes in:

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