Market Research & Online Training

Research and Training

A truly evolved conference service makes it possible to virtualize a range of activities that were once accomplished only in-person. Every day forward-looking companies use ZipDX to conduct market research and deliver remote training.

Our emphasis on identity and security allows for double-blind expert interviews. Meetings setup in ZipDX will call out to the participants at the appointed time, so no connection or contact details are shared. With their identity hidden from the the researcher, an industry insider can freely give an opinion on the state of a business or market. The call can be recorded, or even transcribed for archival purposes.

Focus group activity on ZipDX takes advantage of break-out rooms and one-way glass. Break-out rooms allow participants to be held in private virtual meeting rooms until the call starts. The group can be collected centrally for a presentation, then broken down into smaller groups to have private conversations. One-way glass allows others to monitor activity in the main conference from an isolated break-out room. This separate group are able to privately discuss what’s being heard without impacting activity in the main conference.

ZipDX brings accessibility to Adobe Connect meetings in conjunction with our partner Refined Data. The rPhone pod for Adobe Connect adds the many features of ZipDX to the Adobe Connect environment. Using rPhone meeting hosts can see who is on the call, take polls, see who has their hand raised, even call out to add participants to the session.

Whether the session is a sales presentation to six people or a briefing for six hundred, the combination of Adobe Connect, rPhone and ZipDX provide a flexible, professional presentation with outstanding connectivity and tools for audience interaction.

Beyond Adobe Connect, ZipDX also dovetails well with third party webinar tools like GotoMeeting and Webex. ZipDX adds convenient global access, and superior call quality along with more sophisticated features like call transcription.