Start Using ZipDX Today

ZipDX is a specialized platform for virtual meetings. ZipDX meeting participants connect via the web, the phone, or a combination of both. We offer a set of sophisticated features that we’ll help you mix and match to address demanding requirements.

If the platform you are currently using meets all of your needs, there’s no reason to switch to ZipDX. We’re here to address challenges that can’t be met by other systems. Unlike most other systems, ZipDX has sophisticated tools to allow (for example):

  • Secure meetings that allow you to include the right people and exclude others, and have near-certain knowledge of who is attending.
  • Easy-to-join meetings with our call-me and automatic-ID features.
  • Exceptional visibility to who is in the meeting and control how attendees participate.
  • Breaking a group into separate sub-conferences (especially useful in training and negotiation meetings.)
  • Handling disaster recovery scenarios by quickly convening virtual responder meetings.
  • Multilingual meetings, where participants talk and listen in their preferred language.
  • Capture of meeting audio with automated or human transcription.

If you need just conventional “audio bridging” we are not the right choice. ZipDX is a paid service, focused on delivering great value. If you are trying to deliver the best possible experience for your virtual meeting attendees, and those meetings are a critical part of your business, we want to work with you to meet that bar.

Eager to get started? Tell Us About Yourself!

Please send us an email with each of these items:

  1. Your name and telephone contact information
  2. Your company name, mailing address, and web site
  3. A brief description of the kind of virtual meeting(s) you want to host

Hopefully ZipDX is a good match for your needs, in which case we’ll get back to you with details about your new ZipDX account. We’ll even give you a small credit so you can try the system on our dime. We may also suggest a telephone consultation so that we can completely understand your needs and make recommendations about how best to put ZipDX to use. If your needs are not well-matched to ZipDX, we’ll let you know and won’t waste your time.