The Airline Operations Call

Get The Right Tool For The Job

The Operations Conference Call is a key cog when it comes to keeping an airline running. These calls need to run smoothly and efficiently – time wasted getting the call going is time not spent solving problems. You need all the right people on the call, and none of the wrong people. If your ops calls aren’t 100% perfect every time, maybe you need a different conference call solution. Let us show you how ZipDX is purpose-built to address airline ops requirements.

Security Checkpoint

Security Checkpoint

Every participant on each of your ZipDX calls has their own credentials. That means you have positive ID, via the online dashboard, for who’s connected to your calls and who’s missing. Perhaps more importantly, only authorized personnel have access. You wouldn’t let your competitors, ex-employees or criminal disruptors into your operations center; likewise, they don’t belong on your ops conference calls.

Security Checkpoint

Last Call For Boarding

Everybody hates the stragglers that show up at the gate three minutes after the door should have closed, wasting everybody’s time and torpedoing the on-time stats. So too those dialing in late to the call: “Who just joined?” “Sorry, I lost track of time. What did I miss?” ZipDX can automatically call each participant at meeting time – at one or several locations. The excuses are gone. ZipDX can even call the team leaders five minutes early to get the preliminaries out of the way.

Security Checkpoint


Your aircraft have displays showing status of all the relevant systems. ZipDX provides an on-line dashboard that shows each invited participant by name, how they’re connected (mobile or fixed line), whether they’re talking or making noise. Don’t waste time asking, “Who’s not here?” – the dashboard will show you. Need input from somebody that’s missing? Click to have ZipDX call them. For each connected participant you can mute, disconnect, adjust volume as needed.

Security Checkpoint

The Emergency Briefing

You can easily schedule daily calls, shift updates, weekly reviews that run like clockwork. But what if an incident demands attention right now? ZipDX allows you to preconfigure templates with different “Go Teams.” These can be invoked on-the-fly via the web or over the phone. ZipDX will immediately call each person listed, at multiple numbers, anywhere in the world, to get them into your meeting.

Emergency Briefing

Use The Lavatory In Your Assigned Cabin

In the airline business, a day without abnormal events wouldn’t be normal. Weather, crew delays, foreign object damage, station staffing, airplane-on-ground, air traffic control. That’s why you have these ops calls. ZipDX makes it easy for a subset of the group to step into a virtual subconference room to discuss details, then return to the main meeting to report resolution. One team talks about tankering fuel while another deals with a catering issue and the load masters deal with cargo. Participants can be preassigned to subgroups. A quick poke at the on-line dashboard or telephone keypad controls movement between rooms.

Breakout Rooms

Chicken Or Beef?

Everybody deserves a special meal. You can customize ZipDX to suit your business requirements. Take advantage of the features you need, without the distractions of those you don’t. Use the online meeting summaries to audit attendance. Record calls for training or archiving – even transcribe them. (We’ll never record your calls unless you tell us to.) Connect around the globe or keep it on your continent. Use ZipDX internally or expand to vendor and customer meetings.

Security Checkpoint

Business Class At A Fair Price

ZipDX doesn’t charge monthly fees or lock you into a long-term contract. You pay only for what you use. No change penalties or frequent flier miles; we earn your loyalty with every call. (But we do offer volume discounts.) We’re not the cheapest service, but we offer the best value for meetings that matter.

Business Class at a fair price

Experts On Call

ZipDX doesn’t know how to run a safe, reliable and profitable airline – but we suspect you do. We’d like to help. Call on us and we’ll make sure you get the best performance for your most important telephone meetings.

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