What is Auto-ID?

What is Auto-ID?
A: Auto-ID is a setting that tells ZipDX to automatically recognize you when you dial-in using a telephone that has been entered into your profile.

When a participant is registered with ZipDX their profile can contain up to ten ways to reach them. We refer to each generically as a “Phone.”

People most commonly enter each of the their telephone numbers into their profile. When they enter each number they can select how ZipDX will use that number. Auto-ID is the most basic way to use a phone number.

When a participant calls in to ZipDX the system examines the Caller-ID presented. It looks up the Caller-ID number in our database to see if it’s associated with a participant.

If the number is found in a participant’s profile it checks to see of Auto-ID is enabled for the number.

If Auto-ID is enabled the system assumes that it has successfully identified the participant. It them passes them onward into the call flow without prompting for a PIN.

If Auto-ID is not enabled for that phone number the system will insist that the caller enter their PIN before allowing them to proceed.