Can I download the conference recording?

Q: Can I download the conference recording?
A: You can download the audio portion of the recorded conference. Any visual component (WebShare or SlideShow) can be replayed online, but cannot be readily downloaded.

The Conference Audio

The audio recording of the conference is recorded as a type of media that can be downloaded for use offline. The audio is stored as an an MP3 file that can be downloaded.

To download the MP3 file:

  • Log into using your email address & PIN or passphrase.
  • Find the call in your Completed Conferences.
  • Click on the call title to access the call details.
  • Next, click on the Listen/Download link to load the player.
  • Finally, click on the Save Audio link to download the file.

Download Conference Audio Recording as MP3 file

If the conference was some time in the past the recorded media may have been moved to secondary storage for long term archival. In this case there may be a brief delay before the media is available. This happens when our system recalls the file(s) from archival storage.

The Conference Visuals

The visual portion of a recorded conference is stored as a series of still images, along with data about when to display them during the audio stream. This lightweight approach allows us to offer fast, online playback within a web browser for anyone with the link to the shared recording. The recording can be viewed over any internet connection, in any web browser, even on a smart phone or tablet.

The conference recording includes WebShare & SlideShow content.

While it can be viewed online, the Webshare or SlideShow material is not in a format that can be downloaded for use offline. To make use of a recorded conference offline most people require some kind of video file. If you have such a requirement please contact We can provide guidance on how you can create a video file from the conference recording.