Can I download the WebShare recording for archive or use offline?

Can I download the WebShare recording for archive or use offline?
The Short Answer – Not directly. The WebShare visuals are not stored in a manner that’s useful outside of ZipDX. 

The Long Answer

Our WebShare feature stores the visual presentation as a series of still image “tiles.” Each tile includes info about when it occurred in the conference.

When viewing a past presentation via our web portal, the system displays the tiles in sequence, while playing the recorded audio from the conference. This perfectly recreates the experience of the live presentation.

This approach ensures that both the live and recorded WebShare can be viewed on a diverse array of devices, from traditional desktop computers to laptops, tablets and even smart phones. It’s tremendously efficient, requiring very little bandwidth. All of this makes the WebShare function extremely reliable.

It also means that the WebShared presentation isn’t available as a single file, of a type that can be downloaded or useful elsewhere.

But Wait! There is a solution

If you need to make an offline copy of a WebShared conference we recommend that you use a “screencasting” process to record the WebShare playback to a common type of video file. We described this process in a blog post: How-To: Create an Archival Recording of a ZipDX Conference Involving WebSharing

If you need specific guidance on how to record a past WebShare to a video file please contact