Can I have a ZipDX conference call transcribed?

Can I have a ZipDX conference call transcribed?
A: Yes! ZipDX offers “Scribble” real-time automated of conference calls.

Scribble: Automated Transcription

ZipDX was the first conference service to offer real-time transcription. Our patented process, which we call Scribble, leverages an AI-powered transcription engine that processes each participant separately. This ensures that participants are consistently identified and cleanly transcribed, even when participants talk at the same time.

The transcription process runs in real-time, with results available via our web portal, only seconds delayed from the live conversation. Using only a link from the meeting organizer, someone arriving late, or who had to step away, can scroll back to catch-up on the discussion that they missed.

The accuracy of automated transcription has improved dramatically over time. Given good quality telephone connections, the transcription is startlingly accurate.

Scribble is affordable, adding just $0.16/minute ($10/hour) regardless of how many participants are connected. Scribble can be enabled when scheduling the conference, or on-the-fly using the conference dashboard.

How to Enable Transcription

There are three ways to turn on transcription:

1. Conference Template

Using the web portal Scribble can be enabled in the conference template while in the process of scheduling the conference.

In the Audio Features section find the Transcribe Conference setting and select: Yes, with Scribble

The selection is indicated with ¢ denoting the additional cost of transcription.

When the conference begins transcription will start automatically.

Participants joining a conference that is being transcribed will hear an announcement informing them that the conference is bring recorded.

2. Conference Dashboard

A host can enable transcription on-the-fly using the conference dashboard.

In the Host controls section, locate the Record/Transcribe link and choose the desired option.

3. Telephone Keypad

If a host is connected by telephone and does not have web access to use the dashboard they can still turn transcription on/off using their telephone keypad.

  • Press *952 Stops transcription
  • Press *953 Starts transcription

For a detailed list of keypad commands available see our online reference page.

Access to Scribble and Scribe is enabled in settings for your ZipDX account. If you do not see one or both offered, please contact