As a presenter how do I control the webcam?

Q: As a presenter how do I control the webcam?
A: When you are the presenter the webcam controls are included in the browser windows that controls the WebShare content.

The Presenter Experience

The presenter must be logged into the ZipDX web portal. Once the conference has started, meaning someone has dialed-in, it appears in the list of In Progress Conferences.

Clicking on the large gold WebShare icon opens a browser window that gives control of what is to be shared. They choose to share a screen or specific application window.

In addition, the controls for the webcam are in the upper right corner of the window.

Camera On/Off

The blue camera icon turns the webcam stream on/off. As long as ZipDX is receiving sound from the presenter the webcam stream will remain visible. If the presenter is muted their webcam stream will also be turned off.

Webcam Displays Shown/Hidden

The pause button hides the webcam displays. This may be useful if you are presenting and you find the webcam streams to be distracting. When the webcam displays are hidden the button changes to a Play icon, which returns them to view.


The zoom slider varies the size of the webcam displays. The system will always try to make optimal use of the screen real estate, by fitting the webcam displays in the vertical space beside the WebShared visuals.