How do I use the Transcript Viewer?

How do I use the Transcript Viewer?
A: Once the conference has ended the transcript can be viewed in the ZipDX web portal.

The following is a basic guide to using the Transcript Viewer.

Once in the Transcript Viewer, buttons in the upper right of the page offer the following:

  • Edit Mode: A special mode that allows making corrections to the transcript.
  • Download Archive: Downloads a ZIP archive that contains all of the recorded audio snippets and related metadata. This is purely archival. It’s not how you create an MP3 for use elsewhere.
  • Printable View: Presents a page that removes all the menus, suitable for printing the transcript, or cut & paste into your favorite word processor.
  • View Summary: Returns to the conference summary
  • Help: Offers a page of guidance on using the Transcription Viewer.


Navigating the Transcript

1. Playing a single phrase

To play a single phrase simply click on the blue arrow that appear to the right of that phrase.

<pic here>

2. Playing continuously

Controls for continuous playback are offered in the lower left corner of the page.

These include:

  • Navigate forward/backward from current position
  • Pause/continue playback
  • Play slower/faster than normal speed (50% to 175% of real-time)
  • Play only a marked section
  • Play only the participant at the current playback position (skips over all others)
3. Marking selections
  • Buttons in the upper left (see above) allow you to Mark All or Unmark All.
  • To mark one or more phases, right-clicking on each of them. Marked phrases are highlighted in light green.



When items are marked:

  • You have the option to Continuous Play Only Marked.
  • You can Download marked as MP3.