Q: What can I do if I’m having trouble connecting via web phone?

Q: What can I do if I’m having trouble connecting via web phone.
A: There are several things to be considered when troubleshooting your ability to connect to ZipDX using the Web Phone.

When the ZipDX Web Phone cannot connect to our service it presents an error message like the following:

NotAllowedError: Permission denied
Failure to connect. It may be blocked. Try to restart your browser. If using WiFi, a wired network connection may work better.

In reality, the web browser doesn’t know why it can’t connect to the ZipDX servers. It can only report the failure to connect.

This is most often caused by local factors; your computer or local network connection. It may also be caused by something in the network, between your computer and ZipDX.

Here are some things to consider when troubleshooting a failure to connect:

1. Use the correct browser: Chrome

This may seem obvious, but you must be using the right browser. Chrome is only supported browser.

2. Is your computer struggling?

If your computer has many running programs, or many browser tabs open, it may slow down so much that Chrome cannot reliably connect to ZipDX.

To start from a clean slate, reboot. After the reboot, only open those programs that you absolutely need for the conference. Also, keep the number of open browser tabs to a minimum.

3. Avoid connecting via Wi-Fi!

Internet access via Wi-Fi may not be consistently reliable. It’s always better to get online using a wired Ethernet connection to the local switch or router.

If your computer is a thin & light laptop (like the MacBook Air) that doesn’t have an Ethernet jack, use an Ethernet-to-USB adapter.

4. Local network elements: router or firewall

The connection may be blocked by your local router or firewall. This is more uncommon when connecting from an office building, behind a corporate firewall.

If you have access to local IT support, advise them of the requirements for connecting to ZipDX.

Alternatively, try connecting from a different network, which usually means from a different location.

5. Make a test call

If there’s any question about your ability to connect using the web phone, make a test call. This allows you to verify that you can successfully connect from a particular location, using a specific computer, on a specific network.

Launch a test call! If you're using Chrome at this very moment you can try this for yourself right now! Just click on the big blue button to launch a test call.

  • When the web phone opens, click on Connect to make the text call.
  • If you hear a recording you know that it connected successfully.
  • Click Show Keypad to see the numeric keypad.
  • Click on the 9 key to start an echo test, then speak.
  • If you hear yourself repeated back you know that sound is flowing correctly in both directions.
  • Click on Hangup to end the test call.
6. Connect by telephone
  • Interpreters MUST connect to ZipDX using the web phone.
  • Participants can always connect by telephone.
  • Ask the conference organizer for suitable connection details.
  • There may be a ZipDX access line in your area.
  • The organizer may be able to have ZipDX dial out to you.