How do I access a WebShare recording?

Q: How do I access a WebShare recording??
A: The conference recording, including the WebShared visuals, are available via the ZipDX web portal.

Anything recorded during a ZipDX conference is available in your list of Completed Conferences. You can access the recording as follows:

  • Log into the ZipDX web portal using your email address and PIN.
  • Scroll down to the Completed Conferences section of your home page.
  • Click on the title of the conference in question to access the conference details.

The resulting page shows a summary of the conference. This includes a link to list to or download the recording.

Click on the Listen/Download link and the playback will launch in a new browser window as shown below.

If the conference has also included the use of our webcam feature, the webcam streams will also be replayed along side the shared visuals.